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The Lupus Foundation of America message boards were created to enable people with lupus, family members, friends and caregivers to exchange information, share experiences and seek support from other individuals who may have faced similar challenges. These message boards are not intended to provide advice or recommendations regarding medical care for or management of lupus.

Information publish on the message boards is no substitute for expert medical care, and should not replace necessary consultation with a qualified healthcare professional who is familiar with your medical condition and health status. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before making any change to your medical care.

The health effects and impact of lupus vary from person to person. No two people with lupus will have the same experience. Likewise, response to treatment is equally variable. What works for one person may not be effective for another person with similar symptoms. Lupus is heterogeneous. It varies greatly from one person to the next.

The Lupus Foundation of America does not monitor, review or approve posts to these message boards. Comments posted by individuals are their own opinion based on their personal experience and have not been subjected to review. Message board viewers should understand that advice and recommendations posted by other participants have not been subjected to medical evaluation for accuracy and relevance.

Additionally, lupus is a complex disease that is potentially life-threatening. No one with lupus should rely on complementary or alternative practices instead of the medication they have been prescribed by a doctor who is experienced in the treatment and management of lupus. Anecdotal evidence of success from one form of therapy does not mean it will be universally beneficial.

In fact, some herbal supplements can make a person’s lupus symptoms worse, or interact in a harmful way with the medicines a doctor has prescribed. Therefore, before beginning any complementary or alternative therapy, it is very important for people with lupus to discuss these practices with their doctor (especially if planning to use herbs or supplements). Additionally, it is important to continue taking the lupus medications prescribed.

If you have questions related to lupus, we encourage you to contact one of our trained expert health educators who can provide reliable and medically sound information. We encourage you to send your questions to or call +1-202-234-1159 to request a return call from a health educator.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The Lupus Foundation of America and its respective agents and representatives, both individually and collectively, make no representations with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaim any other warranties, including but not limited to implied or express warranties of appropriateness or fitness for any particular usage, application or process.


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