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Just wondering if anyone that gets face rashes (lupus/exema) could give me some rx suggestions specifically for my face.  I am under both a dermatologists and rheumy s care.  

Clobetasol works for my face, neck, arm rash but my derm said i probably shouldn't use it long term on my face. (cant take plaquenil allergic) tried eledil an had unpleasant side effects
protopix is not covered by my insurance.  Appealing this currently.  

Have triamcinolone for body,neck and arms through the week currently along with clobetasol on the weekends.

I use suncreen all the time and don't go outside much. I am still in the trial/error phase of keeping this under control.

trying to treat it prednisone 

Any suggestions would be appreciated and be taken to my next derm appointment Thanks! 



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You may need a round of Prednisone to get it under control....
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