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Mr. Bun

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you are 100% correct CupCake.

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What do the lesions do? I'm uneducated on the subject. Sorry

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Hi Bun & Cakelady, thank you for saying that.  I guess they just weren't ready to say that to me.  That's ok, I just need people to say.  My personality and memory have started to change over the last couple years and I needed to understand why.  And, at least now, I can try to be more forgiving of myself.  My primary is really so good to me and is a lifelong learner.  I did ask her what she thought about medical marijuana and she shared with me that she wouldn't do it.  She said she did see the positive side of slowing of constellation growth, the scan showed new "pock" marks since use over the service of the brain.  Her treatment for me at this time is cortisol cream from Women's International.  She said European studies have looked at women with MS who have had remissions during pregnancy and have statistically connected it to the hormone cortisol.  She also recommended an IV treatment which I did schedule with her.  I have no idea what that is but can post if others are interested as I learn more.  I figured I'd give it a try.  She's helped me with other things and trust her.  Thanks again for you post.  My other nagging concern is the kidney.  Working on getting over a kidney infection, finally done with the severe pain.  Just concerned about the regular bleeding.  But I guess like all things one day at a time.  Blessings

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