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So I got a call Wednesday night telling me that all the stuff (flowers,cross and key chain ) were gone from my dad's niche at the cemetery. My dad's witch of a wife had called my grandmother and she called me. It had also been on the eve of the anniversary of my dad's passing and in the middle of a heat wave.

So my dumb a** went out at 10 am the next morning to raise h e l l at the cemetery and to replace what I could at my dad's niche. I figured since we were there we would make our rounds and put out our Mother's Day flowers. But I forgot my hat in my anger. 3+ hours later I am heading home just about dead and I am paying the price ever since.

My brother in law who is going through radiation and chemo walked in last night and said "boy is your face red" if I had the energy I would have smacked him or throw my pillow at him but all I could do was just lay there

It's cooled off a lot. Almost 20 degrees cooler. But here's my point summer is coming and with that hotter weather so even if you are not expecting to leave the house cover up and put on a hat. I thought I would be back home within the hour I didn't get back home for hours

Thanks to the ones who tried to keep me calm Wednesday night and Thursday


The bond that links our true family is not one of blood, but one of respect and joy in each other's life
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