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I'm so sorry, Cake. Migraines are a...ahem!...witch. Vitamins have been studied enough over the years that docs are comfortable with them. But that's not true of most nontraditional meds because there's no proof that they work other than stories--which aren't really proof. 

I hope the migraines go away and don't return!


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Thank you taffy
The bond that links our true family is not one of blood, but one of respect and joy in each other's life

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LupusCommunity:: thank you again for your help/dedication/arguing/etcetera the autoimmune diseases. After doing a bit of research regarding Connective Tissue Disease. I understand the pattern of the combination of diseases and the role of genetics in causing the disease is still unknown. From what I read on connective tissue disease; it is a combination of disorders and a overlap of diseases. There are over 200 disorders that affect connective tissue Disease and the complexity of Autoimmune Diseases. With that said; I was dx 30-plus years ago through kidney biopsy, possible lupus or Farconi syndrome. Had two more biopsies after that. I'm currently in Stage 3-Renal Failure. I was diligent in seeing a rheumatologist in the beginning of my dx of Lupus. But stopped seeing one for quite a few years. I have the same nephrologist for all theses years. My thoughts at this time is """who knows what I have""""! And I'm not going to go crazy trying to figure it out. I saw a rheumatologist at UofM last week and his conclusion was; I don't have Lupus... His theory is connective tissue disease. He is going to see if I can get in for genetic testing??? What a shock for me. It's almost like saying; you don't have lupus because you should have been dead by now with my kidney involvement. This is a mysterious disease that could end someone's life with organ failure. Please continue this fight with Autoimmune diseases since I'm confused why doctors suggest (Drugs), Medications when their not sure what the dx is. Just treating the symptoms.
I'm sure it's a tough job fighting the big pharmaceuticals. There are great outcomes from medications which I know have to go through extensive testing and approved by FDA etc. It takes years to get it on the market.
I certainly hope that there will be more scientific testing, (genetic testing.) and you will fight for it.
Thank you
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