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After cysts were found in my knee and foot, 1 knee surgery and 2 foot surgeries (resulting in a nonunion) my doctors decided there was more to the story and referred me to a immunologist and Rheumatologist. She was wonderful and spent over an hour and a half discussing everything with me and order tons of blood test. She definitely agreed that there was more going on than what was meeting the eye. I had the blood tests done (some results below - didn't want to add all there are ALOT) but have yet to receive a diagnosis because the doctor is unavailable until the beginning of June. Any information that you all can provide would be amazing!!

ANA PTT-LA. 44.6
PTT-LA Mix 41.8
Anti-DS DNA. 1. (Negative?)
ANA w/ Reflex. Negative
C-Reactive Protein, Quant 16.7 mg/L
dRVVT. 39.5
IgG P66 Ab. Present
IgG P41 Ab. Present
IgG P58 Ab. Present
IgM P23 Ab. Present
IgG P39 Ab. Absent
IgM P39 Ab. Absent
IgM P41 Ab. Absent
IgG P18 Ab. Absent
IgG P30 Ab. Absent
IgG P93 Ab. Absent
IgG P28 Ab. Absent
IgG P45 Ab. Absent
IgG P23 Ab. Absent
Lyme IgM WB Interp. Negative
Lyme IgG WB Interp. Negative
RA Latex Turbid <10
Anticardiolipin Ab,IgG,Qn 9
Anticardiolipin Ab,IgM,Qn. <9
Anticardiolipin Ab,IgA,Qn <9
Cytoplasmic (C-ANCA). <1:20
Perinuclear (P-ANCA). <1:20
Atypical pANCA. <1:20
Antimyeloperoxidase (MPO) Abs. <9.0
Antiproteinase 3 (PR-3) Abs. <3.5
Beta-2 Glycoprotein I Ab, IgG. <9
Beta-2 Glycoprotein I Ab, IgA. <9
Beta-2 Glycoprotein I Ab, IgM. <9
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