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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I am going to have my knee replaced in a few months.  My ortho says he wants me off the Imuran and Plaquinil for a couple of weeks until the wound heals, my rhumy says he doesn't want me off the meds for more than a day or two.  The docs both said they would talk to the other so I will arrange that once I have the surgery scheduled.  Has any gone though surgery on these meds and what did you do?  I know I'll have to go off the Xeralto (antiphospholipid) for a few days.  I am worried about the whole thing because of the lupus, aps and copd but the ortho didn't seem concerned.  He did say that they use a spinal rather than general anesthesia and I am happy about that.  Having had both, I prefer the spinal.  Anyway, surgery experiences, anyone?

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Your docs definitely need to talk to each other. When I was on Plaquenil, I had surgeries and was never taken off it, but that may have been because I always flare after an operation. It's a balancing act, one that should be coordinated by your rheumatologist and surgeon.
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