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TxGirl I know the feeling! After being a terrible nail biter growing up and in my 20's I finally stopped at 30 and surprisingly, my nails came in beautifully. Every week I would give myself a manicure, toes too! The compliments made me so proud that I had finally conquered my worst habit.
At 40 I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and RA. Years later the Lupus was diagnosed. Yet my nails hung in there! Then the breakage, the fungus under the nails started and little by little I had to stop the manicures altogether following my doctors advice.

Now my nails look nothing like those beauties I once was so proud of. My hands are crippled with RA nodules, my fingertips (also with Reynauds) are red, white or blue at anytime of the day. My nails break easily, they're thin and the last few years have started to turn greyish or with grey stripes. My doctor blames the Lupus and the medications for this and said to learn to live with it, keep them short.

No I don't like it, I hide my hands like I use to as a child for fear of people looking at them and judging me. But, its a small part of the whole picture of my illnesses. I've accepted it but I don't like it.

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To all the lovely ladies out there: if you grow out your natural nails, there is now a new gel/long stay nail polish that doesn't use UV lights to harden. It's a natural powder with vitamins added to help strengthen the nail. It dries quickly with no UV! Next time you are thinking of getting a manicure, see if your salon carries it. It's great for us Lupus girls.

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Or you can use regular ol Sally Hansen clear polish!
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