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Study: Estrogen protects women against the flu

Estrogen decreases the ability of the influenza A virus to replicate in cells, offering a protective effect for women against the flu, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found in a recent study.

In addition to showing estrogen's effects on flu, the researchers observed how estrogen prevents the virus from copying itself inside cells. Less replication of a virus in cells lessens the severity of an infection, and lowers the chance people will spread the virus.

Previous research with animals has shown estrogen had protective effects against the flu, and the female sex hormone is already known to have antiviral properties against HIV, Ebola and hepatitis, researchers said.


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i take estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone after having had a total hysterectomy and it sure hasn't prevented me from getting flues bronchitis, pneumonia or whatever. in fact, i have a bear of a time fighting off infections even after the use of tons of antibiotics. Even the dog gone flu shots i got every year either got me sick or never worked. and the doc as well as pharmacist (both told me) that anyone with an autoimmune disease like lupus are not going to benefit from the shot no matter now next year, i will not be getting a flu shot...LOL...big waste. i wish the estrogen would help me stave off the flu, because it would save me a ton of grief of flues turning into massive repiratory infections landing me at the doc or the ER fighting to get antibiotics out of these guys every winter....LOL..wish it were that simple.
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