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I had a bad sports injury in July last year where I broke my kneecap and have had three surgeries since to try to repair it. I now have two screws in my kneecap that are dissolvable. The problem is that I keep building up excessive scar tissue after the surgeries and have had to get 2 clean outs already because the scar tissue builds up and causes my knee to pop when using it. I AM SO SICK of this and I cant keep getting surgery every 2 months. I think this is more complicated because it is on the backside of my kneecap so even with PT they are not able to rub out the scar tissue because it is on the back of my kneecap which they cannot get to. My orthopedic is wondering if this excessive scar tissue response is due to my lupus. Has anyone had any similar issues and what do they do for you? My doctor is really at a loss for where to go from here.

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