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I am almost done with school and I will be 50 when I graduate with another associate degree that has a lot of job opening. My next semester is already paid for and I have bought most of my books for the whole school year, on-line from Barnes & Noble for less than I would get them from the school bookstore. There are a few that are specific to the major and are updated every year, and apparently Barnes & Noble doesn't carry them. But when I do graduate in the spring I will be debt free. I was unable to get a student loan because I had over 150% of the credits I needed to graduate. It didn't matter that most of them didn't apply to this major. I already had an associate degree and bachelors but I cannot work in that field anymore, because my body can't handle it.
As for the insurance, I found a way around it and got Obamacare, but will have to look for a new provider for next year again. Hopefully, I will have a job by the beginning of June and won't need Obamacare for the full year.

Diane M
"I was chasing my dreams, but tripped over reality and busted my head on the truth."
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