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The fatty acid reduces reaction to silica in the lungs - I get that, great. But is there some risk to people limited by Lupus who don't go into mines or play beach volley-ball kicking up sand? Is there something that brings silica into homes, kicks it up into the air, or otherwise poses an increased risk? I looked but found nothing about silica exposure in the article cited.

Before posting the above I went searching on "silica exposure" and ultimately found "Non-occupational exposure to silica dust" at  [NOT a live link -- you will have to copy and paste it into a browser.]  But even this article dwelt on exposure to pollution from nearby industries. So I wonder if there is much risk of this for a person who is not near a high silica dust industry and mostly breathes indoor air where it is filtered by a well filtered HVAC system. Anybody have any information on this?

Meanwhile, I will keep fishy-fish in our diet anyway.

Charlie Grover
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