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Hi I have been dealing with autoimmune diseases for 14 years and I still am totally baffled as to wat is really wrong with me, I have been diagnosed with miuxed connective tissue , lupus , rA and seen 2 diff rheum that have died opinions. In addition I have Epstein barre that reactivates repeatedly Raynaud's fibromyagia. I have taken enbrel pkaquenil methotrexate sulfazpsazine umeron and the only thing that hgelps is prednisone. Does anybody have similar experiences ?

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I'm not knowledgable with Epstein barre, fibromyalgia and some of the others listed. Nor the medications you listed except plaquenil. Sounds to me that you need to get a second or third opinion. Kinda confused with your question and why you were put on those meds. I would suggest you See as many rheumatologists as possible to get some answers/opinions.
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