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HEJOST I am so glad that things worked out with your daughter lots of children with rheumatoid and inflammatory problems have a rough life I'm happy for you and your daughter

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Mr Bun 
With respect, a generation of children with JRA have been given the use of their joints, have grown to acceptable heights symmetrically and have not suffered permanent lethargy due to anaemia because  of combined triple therapy and physio. programs... not just my own child. Parents who were more worried about side effects than joint inflammation and I might very easily have been one of them must be regretting their choice .... its a lottery when all's said and done

Mr. Bun

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And Hejost?

You won the lottery with your beautiful girl.  Bad enough us oldies have issues.......sick kids just eat me up.

Your daughter is lucky to have you.


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You say you doctor "didn't give you much of a choice" as if he is pushing you into this. Be strong, advocate for yourself! Each of us is in charge of our own healthcare. We are the ones who must live each and every day with the consequences. Do your research, talk to people as in those of us on this board, talk to your doctor, and then make your decision. You must decide what you can live with.
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