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I use Orogel hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse.
Brandi Reeves

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You use peroxide? You must have a high pain tolerance. I tried it twice and both times it lasted seconds before I had to spit it out because it felt like someone lit a match in my mouth.

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Biopsy is probably a good idea....But "SUN" is your biggest enemy with Lupus. For me mouth sores are a given with a flare. I have done all of the above from Miracal Mouthwash to Kenalog/Orbas (dental paste) and baking soda. The pain is fierce, and all you want to do is eat!!! But everything hurts like Hell!!
 I would even take a Percacet, just to eat...Then all of sudden the little bugger switchted and is messing with my Kidneys. Never had organ involvement in 23 years. Had a total knee replacement 12/2016 and 4 weeks later the worst Lupus flame ever in my life. They tell me the surgery was to much stress for my body to handle. Hit my heart,lungs & kidney. Heart & lung back to normal but Kidney still not responding. Now on Cellcept,Plax & Pred.....So my hair is thining, fluid is building;(((

Oh Happy Day, Darl'n I feel your pain.....Chin up & one day at a time ;0)

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I will ALWAYS get mouth sores after tsunami exposure. Use SPF 100 and a great hat SPF 50+. ALWAYS.

Edit. Sun exposure. Not tsunami. That's hilarious!!!!!
Mr. Bun

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please read......candida can be deadly to those with a compromised immune system.
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