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So it doesn't look like there are many posts on gout but just curious who has had it in their feet and what kind of treatments have worked for you.  I've been recently diagnosed with gout.  My uric acid its a 9.4 which they said was pretty high.  I have lupus nephritis so it looks like certain drugs will interact with my renal.  The doctor is wanting to put me on Uloric for the uric acid.  Has anyone been on that and has it helped? 

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Silvers, I have lupus nephritis. When were you dx. If your kidneys are not functioning than the uric acid will build up. I have conflicting responses from my rheumatologist and nephrologist. Rheumatologist thinks I should be on allopurinol but nephrologist wants to hold off. I have had gout first in my big two, then in my knee and back leg. It is extremely painful as you may have experienced. I'm choosing not to take at this time and following a diet to decease the uric acid buildup. But, may need the medication and I will take it. Only because gout is just not painful but can leave damage to your joints. Do the research and get as many opinions from your doctors. I was dx in 1980 with "possible systemic lupus" and Fanconi syndrome. Hope this helps somewhat. What are your symptoms of lupus besides lupus nephritis?
Although I'm in stage 3 renal disease. Saw a doctor at a specialty hospital here in Ann Arbor Michigan. He is going to check into getting me back in for genetic testing.
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