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Hello! I know there are a lot of pulmonary issues that can come along during lupus and was hoping maybe someone could offer some experience. I am very sorry for however you have had to come by such experience. :)

I switched rheumatologists last month and she is making sure all bases are covered. In finding out I have had on and off shortness of breath and mild chest pain for almost one year, she sent me for some tests. I had already had chest x-rays which were fine, and already knew I have "exercise induced asthma".

She sent me for an echocardiogram which is normal. (low normal on the ejection rate)
Pulmonary function test which had a decrease in DLCO...was told is a sign of inflammation.

On to the next test...last night I had a chest CT scan done...shows inflammation (I thought we already knew that, lol!)

So now I need to go and see a pulmonary specialist. The wording for the CT scan was "ground-glass opacities involving lower lungs, nonspecific can be seen with NSIP pattern.

I am worried they will need to do a biopsy next, and also worried if this could be interstitial lung disease???

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you,

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