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1. Select the appropriate CATEGORY for your new topic.  The categories are listed on the Forums home page which you can display by clicking on the Forums link at the top of the message boards window. A few categories are for informational purposes only and are set to READ ONLY, so you can't post a new topic in them.  Also, certain categories are reserved for specific audiences and are password protected. 

2.  Click on the link to open the CATEGORY.  To post a new topic, click on the TOPIC link that appears along the right-hand side of the message board window.  Enter a short descriptive title for your topic.  Then in the window below, enter your question or comment.  Use can use the formatting options to enhance the appearance of your message.  Some people will use a smartphone or tablet computer to read these message boards.  So it always is best to minimize the use of large fonts or the excessive use of colors and font styles.  Keep the text simple and easy to read.  

3. Images and videos must first be uploaded to an image and video hosting site, such as Flickr, Photo Shelter, YouTube or Vimeo.  You cannot upload images directly to the message boards.  To insert an image or video icon, click on the appropriate icon from the formatting bar and enter the source URL to display your image or video.  Remember, some people will access the message boards using a mobile device, so it always is best to limit the size of images.  

4.  Be sure to conduct a spell check and proof read your post before clicking the POST NEW TOPIC button at the bottom of the message window. If you are including images or videos to your post, click the PREVIEW POST link to see how your message will appear before posting your topic. 

5. If you don't wish to receive an email notification when someone responds to your topic, uncheck the SUBSCRIBE TO THIS TOPIC link at the bottom of this window before you post your new topic.


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