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Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has experience working in health care and being required to get vaccines by your employer. I am a pre-health student and am having trouble completing student observation hours as hospitals require that you have 2 doses of MMR vaccine. I had 1 dose as a child, but never had the 2nd. I have been diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease and currently take Plaquenil and Azathioprine, so I now have a compromised immune system. MMR is a live vaccine and not reccommended for anyone taking immunosuppressive drugs. I'm getting kind of discouraged and wondering if I need to rethink my whole career plan. Sometimes I wonder if I should risk stopping the medication to receive the vaccine. But I also had a very bad reaction to the hepatitis vaccine when I was younger, which my rheumatologist believes may be due to having an autoimmune disease. I'm sure the situation is different if you have already been working in health care, then are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease later. But what if you are trying to get in the door? Any advice??
Mr. Bun

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Hi Alyssamc,

I would speak to your doctor or rheumy to see if they would consider it safe or not in your situation.  Only they will be able to direct you. 

Take care,


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You should be able to get a waiver from your own doctor. Talk to your school counselor to get a waiver form and have your doctor fill it out. But see if you can get the vaccinations first. I would rather have the vaccinations than get a waiver.

I'm going to be in the same boat next semester, but I am allergic to the vaccinations now. So I will be getting a waiver. But my allergic reactions are the only reasons my doctor won't give me the vaccinations.

Diane M
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