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I've been on the boards for a while but I've never asked about a doctor before so I apologize because I'm not sure what thread to use. Obviously I have Lupus,I'm having neurological problems, I have a neurologist already in Colorado Springs but I'm wanting to have another ready in case I need a second opinion. Colorado Springs or Denver area is fine. I currently use Dr. Adams who I like but just in case...

Again, if this is the wrong area just let me know and tell me where to ask and I'll ask there. Thank you so much.

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I was diagnosed in 2009 and recently went back to school.  My rheumatologist was worried about my cognitive levels since I had Cerebritis in 2011.  He referred me to Dr. Marc Treihaft.  Very nice guy.  There is also a neuropsychologist in that same building and he referred me to do a battery of cognitive tests.  Overall, my whole experience was very good and I would recommend him.  He's located in Littleton off of Broadway and Hampden.


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I lived in castle rock for 20 years. I miss Colorado. I know that had nothing to do with your question. I just miss it.
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