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I work in retail and have previously been a supervisor and manager in the same brand. Currently I am a team lead (so I can pursue a career in film at the same time). My GM always tells me how he wants to promote me because I'm amazing but when I went to talk to him about the possibility a few weeks ago he told me I will never get promoted as long as I call in sick as much as I do. (About twice a month but it's more often me going home after working more than half my shift). My partner is a lawyer and freaked out about how it's against the law for him to say that. I really like my GM and he and I get along spectacularly otherwise but now I'm frustrated. I know I'll call in/go home sick less once my lupus is under control but I'm so frustrated (and bored at work) in the meantime.

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Do you know if you eligible for FMLA? This will protect your job if you need to be out due to your illness. It can be intermittent, so in other words, you can use it as needed. This web page explains the rules of eligibility:

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