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Running Momma

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I've been having bloating and cramping off and on for the part couple months and I keep thinking I'm about to get my period but I haven't. I'm almost one year postpartum. I'm still breastfeeding so I know it's normal to not get a period during this time and haven't been worried about it, but I'm starting to think it might be something else entirely.

Sorry if this is tmi but I've had blood in my stool from fissures or hemorrhoids off and on for years. I've noticed lately though that I've had darker blood and today there was clots. I've been bloated and cramping for about two weeks now. I tested positive for Celiac's but very low on the blood test. I've never had a biopsy to confirm, but have had three Celiac's blood tests over the years that have been positive all three times. I don't eat gluten free as I have not had a confirmed biopsy. And now for way tmi, I haven't had a solid stool in over a decade. I've also been feeling week and exhausted all the time, but I do have SLE.

Sooo, after grossing everyone out (and for that I am truly sorry;), could this be lupus related? Has anyone experienced anything like this or does anyone here have Celiac's and not a self diagnosed gluten allergy? I called my GP today to get into a gastroenterologist. This isn't really something I want to talk about with people :( Sorry and thanks for your time!

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I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't think it would be from lupus?

I think seeing a gastro is your best bet. Could be gluten/celiac related, could be inflammatory - like a UC or Crohns, or it could be internal hemorrhoids that are higher up. I know someone who had a lot of bleeding that didn't just look like a little red blood when you wipe, and she had a colonoscopy and it turned out to be internal hemorrhoids.

Hope you can get it figured out soon....and feel better!

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And, Celiac is an autoimmune disease......
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I would think you need a colonoscopy to find out what is really going on. No worries about tmi, I have runny poo all the time due to ulcerative colitis. Good luck to you!!! The deep inside hemorrhoids sounds like a big possibility.

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Since lupus can cause other conditions, it could be indirectly related to SLE, but if you're seeing darker blood, you need to get to a doc. 
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