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I am confused about Cytoxan damaging your kidneys. My daughter (36 yr.old) Was informed after biopsy that her lupus is in her kidneys and is class 3. She could not take cellcept ( side effects were so bad ended up in ER 2 times) so the kidney doctor is starting her on iv Cytoxan infusions 2x a month. She goes to a very good medical center, Vanderbilt in Nashville Tn.

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Sharon I was given cytoxin when my lupus hit my central nervous system. They way I was given was in hospital for 1-3 days and I was given a bag of fluids, then mesna (sp?) then cytoxin then either more fluids then more mesna or more mesna then fluids it depended in my nurse.

Mesna was given to protect my kidneys. But having said that I have heard it given to people with kidney issues due to lupus.

Not sure I helped you much but that has been my experience with it. Also when I was given it I was in a hospital room by myself with a lot of biohazard signs all over the door

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