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Everyone gave you good advice. The one thing I would add is to keep good notes. Who you spoke to and when and for how long. And write down what you talked about.

For me I worked for a university. It was common knowledge that I had lupus. When I was hired I had not been dx'd nor was I having any issues. Several years after I was hired I got pregnant and that's when when my lupus came out. My lupus never really went into remission and inslowly got sicker has time went on.

We had to get a temp in and usually and the temp ended up applying for THE permanent job. My boss really did not like her and I did not like her but she had been doing the job for a while so it was hard to find a reason not to hire here. One day the person who was supposed to check in things on the dock called in sick. By this point I was using an arm crutch and my leg would give out a lot. My coworker Lisa had worn a skirt to work. I had on pants. Our supervisor told Lisa she would have to check things in at the dock for the day. She said why couldn't I do it and my boss said I don't have to explain myself to you but I will this time. She said I was having trouble walking and it would take me twice has long to check in everything. Lisa said that's not her problem. My boss said you will go to the dock and take care of everything. Lisa went into her office and shut the door and called HR. HR called my boss to get her version my boss was p i s s e d. I didn't say anything to anyone I just went to the dock and started checking things in. My boss told me to go back to my office she would check things in and I said no. She had payroll to do. So I checked everything in and I could barely stand by the end of it. My boss sent me home early that day.

If you have a good boss and company willing to work with you count your blessings. When I crashed from lupus I think the university was scared that I would sue them Because they could not accommodate me nor was my building handicap friendly but I was just to sick to fight. I really wish I had fought.

That was just one example of the discrimination that I had to put up with. Lisa got to keep her office door shut but I had to keep mine open. If my boss said anything to lisa she would call HR and say she was being targeted. I should also point out that I had a clean record I was never in trouble I was the only office staff member to get bonuses and I had close to 20 years there where Lisa had maybe 1.

Not sure I helped you much but you are very lucky to get to work from home even if it's for only one day a week.

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