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Just diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
1 2
tashs 23
by zest
lupus & diabetic!! kat 14
by meg
Diagnosis & Doctors visit
1 2 3
Jen47mac 30
by Jen47mac
Additional Diagnosis kelharri 2
by meg
Diagnosed with Lupus yesterday...
abauer210 11
by hejost
Sun exposure question??? amjacobs73 3
Sun Avoidance (how strict?)
1 2
blockster30 20
by Robinj
Ssa positive Marie 3
by Rabbit63
Not diagnosed but have symptoms Alycat926 6
by Robinj
Positive SSB ab IgG amknight78 2
by jna001
Diagnosis Jessrosa1986 4
by pianist
I finally have a diagnosis idrow 7
by Smith&Lesson
Is the Rheumatologist rushing a diagnosis? Gypsytech 13
by Patrick
Being Diagnosed
1 2 3 4
kimberlynn 49
by Amykeo2574
Just diagnosed today...Friday the 13th
1 2
Maycatmom 25
by DeBartolo
New Here - Going to Rheumatologist on Friday pennykandy 3
by meg
How long did it take to get a diagnosis?
1 2 3
Kbailess 33
by dfogle092211
Finally Got A Rheum Appt! TracyB 5
by taffylinden
Rheumy says sounds and looks like lupus
1 2 3
Maycatmom 33
by MGL
diagnosed this morning momopants 9
by Cakelady
Newly Diagnosed Crb141988 5
by IrishLass
Recently Diagnosed
1 2
BamaMP2016 20
by Patrick
Questions/Advice jp 11
by Patrick
Getting family and friends to understand mayhaps33 12
by seadancer1
Never positive ANA but high positive Anti DNA ds test anyone else. Henmaster44 6
by Henmaster44
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