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How to Use These Message Boards
Learn how to set up your new account and create your profile so you can use these new lupus message boards.
3 3 How to Reply to a Post
Dec 10, 2014 by lupuscommunity
Welcome and Introductions
Are you new to the boards? Introduce yourself and learn more about the other members. Do you have questions that are specific to your part of the country (i.e. need a rheumy in Chicago?) If so, ask them here.
1149 132 Advice Needed
14 hours ago by Raglet
Recently Diagnosed with Lupus
Have you been recently diagnosed with lupus? Here you can chat with others who are also adjusting to living with lupus.
595 62 First symptoms of lupus
Yesterday at 12:43 by neazea
Lupus Symptoms
Here is where you can share the signs and symptoms you are experiencing and pose questions about their potential meaning or relationship to lupus.
2238 235 epicanthic Fold swelling
an hour ago by Robinj
Tests and Procedures
What are the different tests (for example, blood and urine tests) and procedures (for example, skin or kidney biopsies) regarding lupus? Are you about to have a procedure, and are not sure what to expect? Or, have you lived with lupus for a long time, and have experienced many different types of tests? If so, are you willing to share your experiences with others? Then this is the section for you.
467 65 SLE & PFO
Feb 5 by Bill H
Lupus Treatments
Here you can discuss the various types of treatments for lupus. What has worked for you? What hasn't worked for you? What have some of your challenges been?
1211 130 Common painkiller may also be...
20 hours ago by Marthmaymoo
Coping with Lupus
This message board is for those who want to share their techniques for coping with lupus. Or for those who are seeking guidance as to how to cope with lupus.
1566 199 Movie Therapy: Using Movies f...
10 hours ago by DeBartolo
Disability, Insurance and Social Security Issues
Are you eligible for Social Security Disability? How do you apply? Are you having problems with your insurance? What do you do if you’ve been denied disability benefits by Social Security? Share your advice and experiences here.
106 12 Insurance
Feb 5 by rose32442
Lupus in the Workplace
Having lupus while holding down a job can present a number of challenges. Do you tell your employer that you have lupus or do you keep it hidden. Are your co-workers understanding about the imitations lupus imposes or are you subject to discrimination or skepticism when you feel bad. How do you balance work, family and your own health needs? Share advice or pose a question.
120 9 vet tech and lupus
20 hours ago by meg
Women's Issues
Here you can talk about a wide variety of topics such as: breast augmentation when you have lupus; sexuality and intercourse; hormone replacement therapy; pregnancy, fertility and oral contraceptives; and annual exams and mammograms.
438 58 Women's Health & Marijuana: W...
Feb 6 by shutterbug
Men and Lupus
Talk with other men who are living with lupus.
67 13 A several of a couple of vgol...
Feb 2 by fifacoins7085
Children, Teens and Young Adults
Talk with other children, teens and young adults who are living with lupus.
43 7 15 with lupus (diagnosed at 3...
Jan 18 by Ashaline
Caregivers of People with Lupus
Are you a spouse, parent, child, family member or a friend who takes care of someone living with lupus? This is your space to chat with others who are also caregivers.
80 3 Hello and... holy cow so many...
Feb 5 by Aussie
Lupus in the News
Have you heard lupus discussed in the news? Or has it been mentioned on TV or the radio? You can discuss what you’ve heard here.
96 15 ESRD in Lupus: A Work in Prog...
Feb 4 by DeBartolo

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